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Monday, December 19, 2016

The Holiday Math Gift Guide: Best Gifts for the Math Enthusiast in Your Life! (Part 3)

In accordance with Center of Math tradition, we bring you a holiday gift guide for your mathematician friend part III! If you want to check out previous posts like this one, you can find part I here, and part II here. Everything on this list gets the WCoM seal of approval, and we hope you'll enjoy our choices too. Happy holidays from the Center of Math!

             1. Clothing             

Clothing is a great form of expression, and getting the right shirt or socks for a friend is very rewarding gift for both parties. First on the list is not math sucks, but rather math socks (apologies)! Any mathematician would appreciate these blackboard or greenboard socks, available for $7.50 from Socksmith here. If you need something professional for business, check out these ties ($35.00+) from Cyberoptix that feature cool geometric patterns! 

Blackboard and greenboard socks from Socksmith!

Find some very clever math merch from ThinkGeek or get something smart and humorous from Zazzle (some great shirts displayed below for $18.95+). If you want to support the Center of Math and also have a shirt for yourself or a friend, feel free to check out our WCoM shirt with our beloved sigma logo. 

Fun math t-shirts from Zazzle along with many more!

         2. Games/Toys         

You're never too old to enjoy some mathematics toys! Enjoy some games to sharpen your mind and relax. Math is full of puzzles, but here's a puzzle full of math. It just seems right to have a jigsaw puzzle for a mathematics blackboard!

Math puzzle from Zazzle! Knowing math will help you solve it!

Continuing with the solving theme, if you or a friend like puzzles, then maybe a Rubik's cube is the perfect present! They are available in a lot of places, but the official Rubik's store definitely has one of the best varieties. Have you ever wanted 18 different color sets of 7 dice? Wish granted! 126 dice are available for less than $30 here! Robotics are also very fun for people of all ages. This drone may be exactly what your loved one or friend wants for the holidays! 

Set of three cubes from the official Rubik's cube store

      3. For the Office          

Math is in the office as well, and nothing brightens up an office space quite like a colorful poster! At the Center of Math, we have no shortage of colorful quotes by mathematicians, jokes, and other images hagning in our office. Allposters has a large variety of math-themed posters for all to enjoy which you can find here! These range from pi to puns!

Posters available from Allposters for $7.69 on the left and $23.99 on the right

Newton's cradle is a fun piece of math decoration ($8.39 here) and mousepads have always been a pretty standard office gift. The Center of Math offers our own ($7.95 here), but there are other cool mousepads available, like one with the famous dance math moves from CaféPress ($9.99). 

Two Mousepads. Center of Math left, and CaféPress right

CaféPress also sells this great mug ($12.99 below)! Pens and other writing utensils can also be good gifts for mathematicians. Zazzle offers a customizable pen which could be a very nice gesture to your teacher or math-loving friend. If your friend is old-fashioned and/or likes chalk, then maybe this chalkboard wall sticker ($9.99) will be a great present!

This mug has both a joke and a great formula for π!

          4. For Home            

Personalized home decor can be a great gift for a mathematician. Posters, mugs, and the like are good for the office and home too! Zazzle offers some cool math themed pillows ($30-$55 displayed below). Etsy has plenty of math decor ranging from clocks to sculptures. 

Zazzle math pillows all less than $33

You could surprise your loved one with a warm blanket ($39.20) from Society6 just in time for winter! Want a colorful rug that also teaches addition and subtraction? School Outfitters has just that here ($144.99)! This pi bowl ($98.00) is also a creative piece of decoration that any mathematician would love! 

Math throw blanket from Soceity6

There is a lot out there for the bathroom! Shower curtains ($68) and bath mats ($34.99) could make a great present for a math lover who wants to see patterns everywhere. Speaking of patterns, fractal themed toothbrush holders and soap bottles (< $30.00) are both cool and functional! 

           5. For School           

$12.00 Math Notebooks from Redbubble

Math and school supplies just seem to mix so well! Redbubble offers some very cool designs for writing notebooks ($12.00) that may please your mathematician friend! Etsy offers these I love Math pencils for $4.00, and for your teacher, prints for the classroom could be a great gift!

Print available from Etsy with others

Many school supplies come in math "flavors" so here are a few items that we like too. This $39.99 math backpack by Enjoy Bedding looks awesome, and Etsy offers a pencil case with a cool blackboard pattern for $13.00.

   6. For Pets             

Who says pets can't enjoy mathematics themed gifts? If you or a friend are an animal lover and a math enthusiast, then maybe one of the following could make a great present! Pet tags are cute and functional. Both of the tags below are offered by Zazzle (left and right) for $15.55 and $37.95 respectively. 

Pet tags available from Zazzle

You can also purchase a colorful collar from Etsy to match your tags for $18.00. Zazzle strikes again with this teacher's pet t-shirt for dog. RNK shops offers a pet food bowl for $19.95 which has a greenboard equations pattern.

Colorful math collar available from Etsy

Last but not least!

Who could say no to a great book? Check out our blog post about entertaining mathematics reads that anyone could enjoy. Books are a great way to learn mathematics, and many of the books on the list are bestsellers which are designed for anyone, mathematician or not. 

Hopefully this post was able to help you decide on a present to get yourself or someone else, but whatever you decide to get your loved ones, we are sure they will love it!

The Center of Math wishes you very happy holidays!

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