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Friday, December 18, 2015

The Holiday Math Gift Guide: Best Gifts for the Math Enthusiast in Your Life! (Part 2)

With the holiday season in full swing, the Center of Math wanted to share with you some great gift giving ideas for the math enthusiast in your life. We had a post like this last year, which you can check out here for even more great ideas. This year we've added some new categories and removed some of the old to keep up with the ever-changing market.  So keep reading to see some great gift ideas hand-picked by the WCoM staff.

Clothing is a great gift because it can be affordable, allows you to be creative, and it also warms your heart when you see the person wearing the item you bought for them. While there are thousands, if not more, funny t-shirts related to math online, as talked about in the gift guide part 1, we decided to pick some of our favorites which you can find below:

These t-shirts can be found on SNORGTEES along with many more!
These three t-shirts via SNORGTEES make a great gift for the young and old. With a variety of colors, sizes, and prints, you're sure to find the perfect tee for the math enthusiast in your life. You can find the tee on the left here, the shirt in the middle here, and the one on the right here, which are each only $12. And if your looking for a simple, elegant, and classy t-shirt, check out the Worldwide Center of Mathematics t-shirt which also makes for a great gift.

Of course there are more to clothes then just t-shirts. You can find tons of other math-related clothing items, such as this awesome math tie ($34.80, Zazzle) for the professional, this classic tote bag ($23.45, Zazzle) for the shopper, and finally this unique pair of leggings ($24.99, ModCloth) for the fashionista. Whatever it may be, there are tons of options for clothes for the math-lover in your life.

While math can be very serious, even mathematicians need to have some fun, and you're never to old to play with toys. Check out these cool toys and games that are perfect for the math-enthusiast you love.

Unique polyhedral dice via Maths Gear
Lots of mathematics enthusiasts are also players of traditional games that use dice, so these polyhedral dice (£12.97, Maths Gear) are sure to be a hit for both their geometry and their usefulness in those games. If dice games aren't their thing, then you can try some other cool math-related games like MasterMind ($11.36, Walmart) which is a fun code breaker game that requires logic to succeed, or maybe they can attempt to play this Three Player Circular Chess game ($49.99, Think Geek) and see if they have what it takes.

Now maybe games aren't their thing and you're looking for some toys, because you're never to old to play with toys. The Rubik's Cube ($11.99, Office Playground) is a classic favorite that will get their minds going, especially those math lovers that know a bit of abstract algebra. You can also give them a HEXBUG Nano ($4.99, HEXBUG) which are tiny little robotic insects. For the littler lovers of mathematics, try these Project Mc2 dolls which encourage young girls to pursue careers in STEM.

Hey, mathematicians can work in the office too. And those who happen to not work in the math fields, but love math, deserve a hip office as well! With these gifts, their office is sure to make a splash!

These two posters can be found on Zazzle along with many more!

For those who work in the ever so popular cubicle, or are lucky to have a office of their own, posters are essential to covering up wall space and adding some personality. These three posters from Zazzle are sure to be a hit! Maybe they will like something artsy like the Places of Pi Poster ($21.70, Zazzle) on the left, or maybe something clever like the poster in the Energy Equals Milk Times Coffee Squared poster in the middle ($13.50, Zazzle). You can take it a step further by also throwing in this Wallies Peel and Stick Chalkboard Sheet ($3.30, Amazon) so that their office can look just like a classroom. With over thousands of options online, you can easily find the perfect poster!

We know there's more to the office then just posters, and we've got you covered. Like this Floppy Disc Letter Opener ($2.49, Office Playground), this funny After Math Mousepad ($9.99, Cafe Press), this classic Center of Math Mousepad ($7.95, Worldwide Center of Mathematics), or this classic Newton's Cradle ($7.99, Office Playground) which is always a office favorite. The professional math enthusiast in your life will love these gifts!

For many mathematics lovers, math and school go hand in hand, and with that comes the opportunity for many presents. Here some of the best math related gifts we could find for the scholar in your life!

Math Lessons Journal ($9.99, Cafe Press)
Journals are a essential part of school and there are many more like the one above, like this Cutie Pi Journal ($9.99, Cafe Press) and this I'm always right journal ($9.99, Cafe Press). Why not take it a step further by paring the journal with some creative pencils like this I love math ($4.00, Etsy) engraved pencil set or this Pi Day pencil set ($8.00, Etsy). Nowadays, there are lots of new high tech school supplies on the market. For instance, this DIY calculator ($9.99, Perpetual Kid) lets them create their own functioning calculator with their own designs. And this 3-D pen ($99.99, Think Geek) allows for the user to bring their creations to life. Of course, they're going to need something cool to put their brand new stuff in...
These two bags can be found on Cafe Press

With Star Wars being very "in" right now, the Lack of Math is Disturbing tote bag ($14.99, Cafe Press) will be a big hit! And the Geometry Student Messenger bag ($87.99, Cafe Press) is simple yet chic and a great way for them to show of some math pride. So why not buy some school gifts to encourage the student in your life to go to school and give it their all! And send them to school with some of the Center of Math textbooks (Print $29.95, Digital $9.95) so they can learn math and help improve their skills.

After a hard day at work or school, it's time to relax at home. Why not get your friend or family member some of these awesome math related home decor. First up, here are some of our favorites for the living room...

Ottoman (left), throw pillow (center), and throw blanket (right) can all be found on Cafe Press

What better way to spice up their living room with this Designated Deriver ottoman ($77.99, Cafe Press), this Keep Calm and Show Your Work throw pillow ($24.99, Cafe Press), and this Mathematics Equations throw blanket ($48.99, Cafe Press). With all three in their living room, it will make a huge splash!

Maybe the math enthusiast your buying for loves to cook? Well get them some cool kitchen accessories! Like this Graph Lined Paper Texture Cutting Board ($24.99, Cafe Press) so they can get the perfect cut every time. And why not give them this Funky Pi potholder ($15.99, Cafe Press) so they can handle those fresh made pies. And finally, give them this I Heart Math apron ($23.99, Cafe Press) so they can do it all in style.

Shower curtain (left) and bath sets (right) can be found on Zazzle

Last but not least, the bathroom! With tons of cool accessories like the Cissoid of Diocles Fine Colorful Fractal Art Shower Curtain ($94.93, Zazzle) witch adds some color. And then this Math Love bath set ($26.60, Zazzle) for the simplistic math-enthusiast.

Maybe you know someone who is a math enthusiast and also a animal lover? Or maybe you love both math and your pet yourself, so why not combine the two? Here are some funny and adorable math-related gifts for our furry friends.
Dog tee and ID tag found on Zazzle
Above, this Teachers Pet Apple Dog Tee ($23.35, Zazzle) is adorable and it also pairs nicely with the Apple Pi Pet ID Tag ($20.20, Zazzle). With these accessories, everyone will be saying "awwww" as they walk down the street.

Maybe your looking for something besides clothes and accessories. Try this Infinite Math Love cat bowl ($25.45, Zazzle), this beach towel ($36.99, Cafe Press) to dry them off after their bath, and this Math Lessons dog bed ($87.99, Cafe Press) for them to take their long naps on. With pets, you know they will love anything you give them because they love you!

Whatever you may buy for your loved one (or yourself) we are sure it will be great! Need even more gift inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board dedicated to cool "geek" swag found from around the web. And from all of us at the Worldwide Center of Mathematics...


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