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Friday, May 20, 2016

The Stages of Buying Textbooks: Told by Social Media Posts

The Stages of Buying Textbooks: Told by Social Media Posts

The speed and accessibility of the Internet makes it the perfect place to voice your opinions, share your thoughts, and argue your beliefs. This is particularly true of young people, who use social media platforms to draw attention to issues that impact their lives. The quick spreading nature of Facebook, Twitter, Imagr, and other popular sharing platforms make them ideal forums for students to express themselves. Sometimes, this expression takes the form of a persuasive editorial. Other times, a picture with a witty caption can suffice in addressing the issue at hand. The latter what is the Center of Math chose to focus on in this post. Students have taken to the Internet to discuss the extravagant price of college textbooks and learning materials. While these students decided to use humor to express their frustrations, spending upwards of $200 on one textbook is not something to laugh off. Speak to your professors or do your part to #AdoptAffordable and visit the Center of Math

Here are the stages of purchasing textbooks, as told by social media posts. 

First, there is the purchase. Students are full of disbelief and use sarcasm to mask their feelings.

Next, comes sadness. Lots of sadness.

This feeling of sadness is followed by anger. Sometimes, this anger is misplaced towards bookstore employees. Sorry?

Student discounts and buying used books rarely goes as planned. 

Once classes begin, some teachers don't even use the assigned texts!

After the semester comes to a close, students seek relief by attempting to sell books back to the bookstore. This rarely goes as planned.

Lastly, students who are unable to sell back their books find some creative uses for them. Discarded textbooks become the most expensive dorm room furniture.

Now, what if I told you that you could purchase your math textbooks digitally for less than $10? No more anger, sadness, or frustration! You may not be able to add to your textbook graveyard/TV stand at the end of the semester, but with the money saved on textbooks you could buy real furniture! There's also no need to stress about selling back textbooks with an affordable, digital copy. Interested on hearing more? Head to our website to learn more about the Worldwide Center of Math!

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