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Friday, May 6, 2016

Mother's Day Gifts

For everyone like myself looking for the perfect Mothers Day gift while staying within a pretty tight budget, look no further! In keeping with our great quality and affordable mantra, we bring you well-priced and thoughtful Mothers day gifts.

We all think our Mothers are the best in the world, and even though we can never repay them for all they do for us, we can try!

Here are some math inspired gifts to make mother's day extra special!

A fun Math inspired gift, for a teacher, someone who studies the subject or is just simply interested in it! -$7.40

A selection of novels for math novels! Click here to browse the full list of books. -$10-$20

"This book, written under the pseudonym A. Square and published in 1884, is the obvious place to start. Flatland is both an exploration of the nature of dimensions and geometry, and of Victorian social hierarchy. The narrator is a square living in Flatland who dreams of a visit to a one-dimensional world, which leads to the questioning of his (and our) understanding of dimensions and reality."

For a Mom who loves to relax with a good math inspired puzzle, Sudoku is the perfect present! - $9.99

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A Mobius Necklace   

If nothing math inspired is catching your eye, take a look at other affordable options!

This gift is perfect for the Mom who loves to kick back and relax every once in a while! - $9.99

 Candles will brighten up the house and are the sweetest gift! -$14.87

Give the gift of some well-earned TLC with this almond hand care kit. - $39.00

These artisan infused sea salts will enhance her favorite foods with minimal effort. - $39.95

For more ideas click here to browse more great mother's day presents for under 50 dollars.


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