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Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Day

Write your love letters, pick out your flowers, and go buy some chocolates! The international day of love is around the corner and the Center of Math wants to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day-- with a math twist, of course.
Dinner and a movie? Walk on the beach? Kick these cliche date ideas to the curb and spice up date night with these math-themed dates!


National Museum of Mathematics

If you live in the NYC area, head straight to the National Museum of Mathematics. With over 30 high tech exhibits, this museum is like a playground for math lovers. The MoMath founder wanted to highlight the excitement and achievement that is often over-looked in mathematics. Exhibits are engaging for people of all ages, and are sure to impress your date!


What is more romantic than grabbing a blanket and laying under the stars? This simple date only requires a great view of the night sky and your date. Channel your inner Galileo and impress your date with your knowledge of the constellations. Remember to make a wish if you’re lucky enough to see a shooting star!


Pool may just seem like a classic game at your local pub, but it is actually oozing with math. Use your knowledge of angles and geometry to beat your date. Play competitively or just for fun! Either way, this is a unique date that is great for an amateur billiards player or a seasoned expert.

Check out the local architecture

For this math and art date, you can explore a new place or get to know your own area better! Looking at architecture is not only beautiful, but also involves geometry and ratios. Enjoy the dazzling sights of local buildings--and your date!

Math movies

Who wants to be stuck in a crowded theater when you can be sitting in your own home watching movies about mathematics! Make some popcorn, grab a comfy seat on the couch and turn on some of our favorite math related flicks:
-Rain Man
-Good Will Hunting
-A Beautiful Mind


After gazing at the stars or watching a classic math movie, it’s time to show your math-loving valentine how much she/he means to you with a gift! Here are some presents that are brimming with mathematics!

Math Gifts
Math themed artwork to show how you feel!
Math tie!
Geometric Phone Case                                Math-numbered watch

Infinity necklace

Protractor Cuff Links


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