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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Worldwide Lecture Seminar Series: Pablo Soberón

Worldwide Lecture Seminar Series: Pablo Soberón



The Worldwide Lecture Seminar Series Presents

Pablo Soberón - Northeastern University

Friday, March 16, 2017
Coffee, tea, cookies: 3:30pm
Talk: 4-5pm

Worldwide Center of Mathematics -- Cambridge, MA, USA
Abstract: During this talk we will discuss some robust variations of Tverberg’s theorem. The aim is to seek partitions of a finite set of points in R^d such that the convex hulls of the parts intersect, even if our set of points is going to be modified later on. Surprisingly, random partitions give sharp results. These are variations of Tverberg’s theorem which behave like weak epsilon-nets for convex sets.
Soberon @ the Center of Math


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