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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Back to School Math Courses Review Guide

 Oh no, back to school is right around the corner!

We know it can be hard to jump straight back into Math classes during the first few days after a summer away. Lucky for you we have arranged some of of our Youtube channel videos into a helpful guide to make sure you are on your game in the first week of class. Check them out below!

Trig Functions:

If you're starting the year off with any Mathematics class it is a good idea to review the basics of Trigonometric functions. Trigonometry is used in higher level Mathematics classes as well as Physics courses. Unless you dream about the unit circle and trig identities, you are probably like us and have forgotten everything to do with sine, cosine and everything in between. Check out our playlist below. We cover an introduction to radians, inverse trig functions, a quick way to memorize the unit circle and much more!

AP Calculus and Calculus I:

Both AP Calculus in high school and Calculus I in college focus mostly on differentiation. Rules for taking the derivative are important to get a good handle on now, since they are frequently used in Calculus classes and higher level Mathematics courses. This playlist gives a straightforward guide on differentiation rules and is meant to be a good starting point for AP Calculus, Calculus I, and a review for Calculus II students. We cover the power rule, product rule, quotient rule, chain rule as well as derivatives of exponents, logarithms and trigonometric functions.

Calculus II:

Calculus II builds off what you learned in Calculus I, so if you still need a little review on derivates check out the playlist highlighted above. If you are already an expert on differentiation, the next step is to master anti-differentiation. We think derivatives and Integrals are best combination, and hope you do too. Check out the playlist below to review basic anti-differentiation, definite integrals, u-substitution and differentiation by parts.

Calculus III:

If you are starting off the school year with Calculus III, it is a good idea to quickly review the derivative and integration playlists above as a reminder. Calculus III takes these ideas and expands them into multi-variable space. If you are already a pro at derivates and integrals in two dimensions, it is much easier to understand when the concepts move into more dimensions. Vectors are also a big part of Calculus III, they seem straightforward enough, but can trip up even the most seasoned Mathematician. Check out our playlist below introducing the basics of vector addition, scalar multiplication, unit vectors, magnitude, dot product and vectors in 2D and 3D space.

If you are taking another Mathematics course this year, chances are we have a video covering the basics of that class as well. Check out the other options we have below, they are great for review before or during the course.

College Algebra:

This playlist has videos on number classification, sets and subsets, functions, domain, codomain, and range and irrationality of the square root of two.

Probability and Statistics:

This playlist has videos on definitions and elementary examples, "or" and "and" probability, Binomial, Normal distribution and Z-scores, Hypothesis Testing and P-values, and much more.

Linear Algebra:

This playlist has videos on systems of linear equations, RREF and rank, transformations, subspace, Gram-Schmidt process, QR factorization, and much more.

Differential Equations:

This playlist has videos on separable equation, mixing problems, first order linear equations, second order homogenous and non homogeneous equations, Laplace transforms, shifting theorems and much more.

Group Theory:

This playlist has videos on groups and subgroups, group homomorphisms and isomorphisms, Normal subgroups and quotient groups, cyclic groups and finite groups, and automorphism groups and modular arithmetic.

Thanks for checking out our videos and feel free to watch more and take a look at our textbook products! The Center of Math hopes you have a great upcoming school year, we know you are going to rock it in your Mathematics courses!

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