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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Welcome to the Center: New Introduction videos on Facebook and YouTube

If you are familiar with the center of math, you probably know us by one or two avenues: you read our blog, which produces problems of the week and talks about math related news; or you have used one of our textbooks, and watched the videos that came along with it. Behind our mission, to bring accessible math materials into the world, is a community of mathematicians of all sorts. We would like to invite you to explore the Center of Math, and take some time to make that community grow. With new Facebook and YouTube introduction videos, finding your way around our little corner of the worldwide web has never been easier. The videos outline some features of the Worldwide Center of Mathematics' Facebook and Youtube pages, that you may want to know about. 

Our Facebook page primarily serves as a place for our community to gather, and a hub to navigate around the Center of Math with ease. Visit the Facebook page and join the collective! Once on the page, you can click the learn more button to go to our main site, or use the menu on the left to explore more. Don't forget to like us on FB to stay in the loop.

The YouTube video helps serve as a starting point to our overwhelming library of math videos. Check it out yourself, and don't hesitate to dive right into our content! If you need some more direction, our 'playlists' tab is a great place to start, or just use the spotlight search to find a specific topic. Drop a subscribe if you like what you see, to never miss another math video.

These features are explained in greater detail in the welcome videos, so give them a watch, and we'll see you soon!

-Worldwide Center of Math.

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