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Thursday, April 13, 2017

WCoM Basics: Differential Equations

A Quick Overview of the Concepts Behind Differential Eqs

Details after the break.

This series picks up assuming the viewer has mastered single variable calculus, like integral and differential calculus. Using basic techniques for integration, we develop a sound mathematical base for solving the most basic differential equations, separable ones. From that, we use the knowledge of how to solve separable differential equations to how to solve linear first order DEqs. The series then leaps into second order differential equations, and how to solve them by extracting the roots of a characteristic equation, and what to do with non-homogeneous systems. Finally, we go over how to use Laplace transformations to solve differential equations in an algebraic manner.
All of this is complimentary (meaning that it could be used with our without the book) to Robert McOwen's Worldwide Differential Equations. We also have more playlists outlining other areas of math, which you should check out if you are interested in the field.

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