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Friday, April 28, 2017

The WCoM Peano Drop

WCoM to Begin Tradition of Dropping the Peano Axioms off Roof.

Look at those natural numbers go!

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Cambridge has a rich history of dropping things off of structures, from Houdini being tossed off the Mass ave Bridge to MIT's tradition of hurling a piano off of their technology building. The Worldwide Center of Math joins the tradition with their take on MIT's famous piano drop, and has decided to drop a Peano off the roof (the Peano axioms of course). 

When asked about how members of the community felt about the drop of the axioms for natural numbers, there was a resounding air of excitement. Many people don't see something like this, such an important cornerstone in mathematics hurtling towards the ground with only impact to stop it. This event seems to represent the coming of summer,  a new day, and each day after that. 

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