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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Meet the New Co-ops!

The Center of Math would like to introduce two new students from Northeastern University, Kelsey (left) and Ben (right)! They will be with the center until December 23rd, working on giving you blog posts, Problems of the Week, YouTube content, Advanced Knowledge Problems of the Week, and much more.

Kelsey has just completed her second year of studying Physics with a minor in Mathematics. In addition to a love of learning how the universe works, she enjoys playing music, digital art, and board games. Florence + the Machine is her favorite band, and How to Train Your Dragon is her favorite movie. Before coming here, she worked as a research assistant at Northeastern University's nanophysics lab. If you ever need a recommendation for an interesting, informative book about physics, she has many!

Ben has also just completed his second year studying both Physics and Mathematics. He enjoys rock climbing, traveling, and playing with his nephew. Ben is also an Eagle scout and enjoys camping and the outdoors. In addition to this, he fascinated by space and rocketry and hopes to one day enter the space industry.

The two of them are very excited to create quality content on topics viewers, like you, want to see! Let us know what you would like covered and they'd be happy to make blog posts or videos about it.

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