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Thursday, June 16, 2016

New YouTube Series: Musimathics!

Finally the release of Musimathics is here!! Integrating both music and math he series is written and explained by Center of Math employee, Chloe Weiers, a co-op student studying Music and Mathematics in Boston.

Musimathics covers a broad range of topics from the field of mathematical music theory. Each video gives an overview of a topic or range of topics from this broad field of study. The series covers everything from geometric modeling to Fourier analysis and fractals. Each lighthearted video contains musical examples and explanations of the relevance of those examples. This series implores you to change the way you listen to and experience music, without ever going over your head with complicated mathematics. Even if you don't have a broad background in mathematics, you will be able to appreciate the beauty of the mathematical nature of music presented in this series!

After sitting down with Chloe we asked her what was her inspiration was behind combining these two intricate subjects together. Her answer is as follows:

"Well, this past academic year I have been working on early research on applications of dynamical systems theory to music. Many of the topics I have explored in my research stem from very simple, yet interesting concepts from mathematical music theory. I thought it would be cool to bring some of these ideas to our audience here at the Center of Math. Thinking mathematically about music, or any art, really, provides fresh perspective and new ways to listen. My goal with this series was to pique interest in the subject, not necessarily to give any in-depth explanations. With this broader outlook, you can better appreciate the landscape of the subject."

Feel free to comment with any questions or thoughts you may have, we hope you enjoy it! 

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