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Friday, June 17, 2016

Meet Gradarius!

Welcome, Gradarius!

The Center of Math is proud to announce a new partnership with Gradarius, the world’s first Stepwise Calculus Learning Platform. The idea behind Gradarius emerged in 2010 as Dr. Miasnikov and Dr. Myasnikov, mathematicians from The Steven’s Institute of Technology, noticed alarming trends amongst students in the STEM fields. The pair observed that many students were resorting to memorization, and therefore having difficulty applying critical Calculus steps in other STEM courses. In order to correct this trend, the online step-by-step Gradarius platform was developed. Gradarius shares the Center of Math’s focus on accessible and digital learning. The platform is engineered online with the flexibility of paper, encouraging students to solve problems with their own unique methods. The digital format exceeds the possibilities of paper, offering guidance and immediate feedback to students. The program recognizes all possible approaches to problems, and has the capability to provide hints or corrections as the student works. While the student benefits are clear, Gradarius is also a great tool for teachers. The analytical approach of Gradarius allows professors to track the progress of each student and observe areas of strength or weakness amongst the class. Gradarius scores and saves students’ work, so teachers can devote the saved time to examining or assessing the specific methods popular in the class. In the upcoming months, the solutions to Worldwide Integral Calculus and Worldwide Differential Calculus book problems will be accessible through Gradarius. The high-quality mathematical content of the Center of Math, combined with the innovative digital learning style of Gradarius makes this partnership an ideal product for students and educators alike!

Click Here to see what Gradarius has to say about the partnership!

Want to know more? Read about how Gradarius benefits both students and instructors, or schedule a demo. If you'd like to contact Gradarius directly click here!

Here's a look at the Gradarius platform!

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