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Friday, January 8, 2016

Mathematics on Tumblr

Did you know the Center of Math is on Tumblr? On Tumblr, we get to see the more creative and funny side of math but we also get to see math education as well. That’s why we decided to name some of our favorite Tumblrs about math so that you can join in on all the fun. Keep reading to see the list…

Visualizing Math: This Tumblr is just like it sounds like and is all about visualizing math. From the simple mathematical concepts, to the complex, this Tumblr is updated daily and is sure to have something for you!

Ryan and Math: In this blog, Ryan answers a lot of math related questions asked by his followers on a daily basis. He also tackles other topics related to STEM and gives advice to his followers through their questions. It's a great read because it goes over mathematical content but also serves as an open discussion on math and other related topics.

Mathematica: This Tumblr covers topics like analysis, logic, number theory, statistics, algebra, and much more. With jokes, math in pop culture, and math in real life, this Tumblr will always keep you interested.

Beauty and the Maths: A great Tumblr about the beauty of mathematics. Features tons of cool images and gifs of mathematical concepts brought to life. Be careful, you may find yourself lost in their feed due to all of the mathematical beauty. 

Math Professors Quotes: As you may have guessed, this Tumblr is all about quotes from math professors. Anyone can submit a quote which range from the insightful, inspirational, educational, and just plain hilarious. So take a look, and submit a quote while your there!

Teachers. Classrooms. Worldwide.: Not as math-related as the others on this list, but this blog focuses on education, teachers, and the issues affecting them around the world. It's an interesting blog that will help you understand educational issues that affect peoples learning of math from around the world. 

mathrecreation: This Tumblr is all about pictures and rarely features any numbers or text. With fractals, shapes, lines, and more, this blog is perfect for seeing the artsy and creative side of math.  

Maths Help: Need help with a math problem? Or understanding math concepts? Just submit your question to this Tumblr and the admins will do their best to answer it in a timely manner. With help on geometry, algebra, calculus, and more, there's a good chance your question will be answered. 

Math Majors Problems: Are you a math major? Someone who loves math? Or someone who considers themselves a nerd? Then check out this Tumblr which is all about the problems of being a math major/lover/nerd in a funny, entertaining, and relatable way. Or you can check out Math Team Things which is similar but about people who are on a math team. 

Math Catalog: A great blog with lots of miscellaneous math-related content like math jokes, quotes, current happenings, and art. It's a great way to see the many sides of math all in one easy to follow blog. 

Worldwide Center of Mathematics: Of course we have to add our Tumblr into the list. On our Tumblr, we post math jokes, math news, math videos, and more! So check us out, we promise you wont be disappointed. 

See any we missed? Just write in the comments some of your favorite math-related Tumblrs and we will add it to the list. And if you like what you read, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Tumblr, and Pinterest for even more awesome math content. 

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