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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

January Recap

January Recap 

As 2015 came to a close, the mathematical world was welcomed into the New Year with several groundbreaking achievements. As mathematical discoveries and events reached new heights, the center of math did not hesitate to broadcast January’s exciting content.

Our first post of 2016 revolved around the importance of math degrees and how they can be used for much more than the obvious. The CEO of General Electric, Jeff Immelt, perfectly exemplified this notion by describing how his Dartmouth Math Degree proved far more beneficial than a Harvard MBA. Business Insider reports Immelt’s views, “ I use my math major every day – I don’t use the MBA quite as much… My intellectual curiosity goes more toward problem solving than spreadsheets.”

Shorty after, the Center of Math traveled to Seattle to participate in the largest mathematics meeting in the world - Joint Mathematics Meetings. This event proved very successful as faculty was lining up to receive free digital copies of our material.

If you are a faculty member at any institution interested in free digital copies, click the link below to fill out a contact request form.


Looking back on the month, the Center of Math focused several blog posts on specific January-based events. Top stories include odds and statistics surrounding the January 13th Powerball. As many played the Powerball with a glimmer of hope that they would walk away with around 900 million, most were disappointed. Our blog post takes a comedic spin when discussing the reality of the lottery.

Next, in preparation for black history month and commemorating Martin Luther King’s triumphs, we dedicated a blog post to mathematician Elbert Cox. Cox, the first African American to receive a Ph.D in mathematics, was a pivotal component in the equality and expansion of the mathematical world. 

Problem's of the Week
Our math experts Jacob and Chloe create problems and explain fascinating math concepts.  Listed below are some of January’s most popular classic problems and advanced knowledge problems of the week.



Problem of the week: Solution and Archive   Advanced Problem of the week: Solution and Archive


Watch Jacob play Hyper Rouge, a video game that shows off properties of hyperbolic space

Watch Jacob solve classic math problems in under a minute

January’s Top 




Stay tuned for more! 

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