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Monday, October 26, 2015

Problem of the Week

Hallowe'en is coming up soon, so we're trying out our new experimental pumpkin spice flavoring for the Problem of the Week. Have a go at it!

Keep reading to see my solution!

Did you come up with one of the other possible routes? Have you seen the historical mathematical problem this one is based on? Tell us in the comments! 


  1. The solution conflicts the problem's wording: "it would be rude to collect from the same household twice." Households F, G, J, K would be visited twice.

  2. Those aren't houses, those are intersections. The houses are along the line segments connecting the letters.

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  4. It is written that "You live at intersection A", implying that the intersection is a place where someone lives. This means that it's a house as well as an intersection. So, technically both of you are right. I'm only 14, so if I made a mistake, tell me. I am trying to learn. :)

  5. The way they worded it doesn't make any sense. You cannot live at intersection A, it would make more sense if they wrote you live at intersection A to E or A to B. Other wise, the statement "You live at intersection A", is very obscure.