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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Center and the Community

Zach from the Center of Math helps Juan from Boston Latin Academy load the books. 
Today, April 7th 2015, the Worldwide Center of Mathematics completed a good deed, and helped over 170 students all over Boston get the tools they need to be the best students they can be. With some help from Esther Kan, a librarian at the Campbell Resource Center in Dorchester (a division of the Boston Public School system), employees at the Center helped give textbooks to high school students who needed them.

Because we’re so excited about this whole experience, we’re going to break down the specifics a bit more. The Center of Math had 25 copies of Introduction to Statistics, 36 copies of Worldwide Pre-Calculus, and nearly 125 (!) copies of AP Calculus to donate to various schools.

Boston Latin Academy received 80 copies of AP Calculus, Madison Park High School and East Boston High School split the 25 copies of Intro to Stats, English High School received 21 copies of AP Calc, and Brighton High received the last 25 copies of AP Calc. All of the schools will split the Pre-Calc books amongst themselves.

The lack of textbooks perfectly represents the inequality that is too prevalent in America’s public school systems, and is one of the main reasons that the education and income gap continue to grow in the U.S. One of the beliefs that motivates the employees at the Center of Math is the idea that education should be available to anyone who wants to learn. This idea is why our textbooks are so affordably priced, and this is why our YouTube channel is stocked with informative videos and lectures – if you want to learn, we are here to help.

We are thrilled to have played such an integral role in making so many students’ education easier, as well as lightening the stress-load that these teachers had been dealing with. We know that these students will use the books in good health and with good intentions. The idea that we may have sparked one student’s passion for mathematics is enough for us, but knowing that these kids now have the textbooks they need, well it is a great feeling and it has motivated us to try our hardest and do more good in the education world. 

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