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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Our Reaction to the Textbook Market

As college students ourselves, we (the interns at the Center) worry about the price of textbooks at the beginning of each semester.

Would you rather have this?
Why spend $1,200 on textbooks in a calendar year if you simply don’t need to? For less than $200 ($169.23 before taxes, to be precise) students or professors could purchase a digital copy of every textbook, electronic study guide, and iPhone/Android app we offer, plus a sweet Center of Math t-shirt. Our prices provide an opportunity for college students to deviate from the doldrums of the dining hall to …*gasp*…edible food!

Or this?
The problem, we understand, lies in professor endorsement. Professors at universities select a book for their course and teach the material inside. If professors begin to endorse digital and affordable textbooks instead of physical-only texts, students wouldn’t have to worry about paying high prices for schoolbooks.

A common response from students after seeing WCoM’s prices is that the quality of the product must be lower quality. However, this just isn’t true. Led by an award-winning professor, Dr. David Massey, the Worldwide Center of Mathematics’ textbooks contain the requisite amount of rigor to challenge even the most experienced of mathematicians, while also maintaining a teaching style that is easy to understand. 

Bottom line: these are high-quality textbooks.

It is for these reasons that our sales grow from year to year, and that roughly more than half of the teachers who review our book adopt WCoM’s products for their class. We at WCoM are committed to lowering the ridiculous prices that college students pay for textbooks every semester, without any loss in the quality of textbooks.

Once we get past the “something that is low-priced must be inferior” complex, students and professors will discover a revolutionary textbook that is at the forefront of a revolution in the education industry. Tell your professor about the movement to #adoptaffordable and take back your education!

If you want to read more about the high cost of textbooks and their effect on students, start here.

All the best,

Zach and Tori 

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