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Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer, Sigma, Savings

As you (hopefully) know, here at the Center of Math, we publish only free and affordable, high-quality math resources. Worldwide digital textbooks offer more for less and our print textbook prices are hard to beat. (Did you know with Worldwide Calculus you could ace your college calc classes for less than $30?!) It gets better. While supplies last this summer, the Center is selling overstocked copies at up to 90% off the list price. In some cases you'll pay only for shipping!

This is a perfect opportunity for those of you who have yet to try Worldwide Textbooks.

Take a look at some of the heavily discounted titles available in the Center of Math Store:

$29.95+shipping Now $2.95+shipping 90% OFF while supplies last
The Pineapple Book
Click here to get your PRINT: Introduction to Statistics: Think & Do V4 for $2.95+shipping (90% off)!

$29.95+shipping Now $14.95+shipping 50% OFF while supplies last
Worldwide Pre-Calculus
Click here to get your PRINT: Worldwide Pre-Calculus for $14.95+shipping.

$29.95+shipping Now $19.95+shipping $10 OFF while supplies last
Click here to get your PRINT: Matrices, Vectors, and 3D Math for $19.95+shipping.

DO the math. DON'T overpay. #dothemath

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